Managerial Economics Curriculum

Business Basics Finance William Ackman

Business Basics-What Business Students Should Study

Managerial Economics Open Textbook

Demand and Supply



Shifting Demand and Supply

Using Excel to Calculate and Graph Demand and Supply

Using Excel for Capital Budgeting

The Curse of Big Business Tim Wu

Big Business Beautiful or Curse

Unit III Production, Costs and Pure Competition

Unit IV Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly

Introduction to Game Theory

Game Theory Dominant Strategy

Game Theory Prisoners Dilemma

Game Theory Hunting Game

Game Theory 101 What is a Nash Equilibrium

Game Theory Nash Equilibrium

John Nash Beautiful Mind - Nash Equilibrium

John Nash Beautiful Mind - Nobel Prize

Homework I

Homework II

Homework III

Homework IV

Book Report Outline

Stock Report Outline

Regression Analysis

Statistics 101 - Simple Linear Regression

Regression Excel Tutorial

Simple Linear Regression Using Excel

Step by Step Guide to Regression Analysis

Multiple Regression Analysis Output

Regression Analysis Excel

How to Download Historical Stock Price Data from Yahoo Finance to

Calculating Beta Using Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis Open Courseware

Linear Programming

LP Solver Excel Setup Example I

LP Solver Excel Setup Example II

LP Solver Excel Sensitivity Analysis

LP Sensitivity Analysis